WiCS Comp

Introduced in 2017, the WiCS Comp is a way for Harvard Undergraduates to get involved with WiCS. In 2018-2019, the comp will be run by Angela Deng, angeladeng@college.harvard.edu, and Nari Johnson, njohnson@college.harvard.edu. Contact them to find out more or get involved!


What is WiCS?

Harvard Women in Computer Science is many things - an advocacy organization, a professional development network, and a supportive community of friends. We're dedicated to building a community of technical women at Harvard and beyond. We do this by providing mentorship, education, and role models for women in the Boston area and on-campus.

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How do I "comp WiCS"?

Our comp is non-competitive and completion based. Compers are asked to attend 6 WiCS events before the end of the semester (or before the end of the academic year if you need more time) before becoming official WiCS members. There are additional restrictions about what kinds of events can count for comp - for example, we ask that you attend at least 1 "Development", 1 "Social", and 1 "Sponsor" event. We understand that you're busy and look forward to working with anyone who wants to comp to ensure they can meet comp requirements. You don't have to comp WiCS to be involved - most of our events are open to everyone of all identities and experiences in CS - but we highly encourage it as a way to learn about our organization and meet new people.


What does it mean to comp WiCS?

Anyone in the class of 2021 or 2022 must complete WiCS comp to become an official WiCS member. When you complete comp, you can then submit your resume to our sponsor database and run for a board position next year. We also plan to hold comp-specific educational events (such as an "Intro to Technical Recruiting" workshop) and social events to create community among compers.