Mentorships Program

Our mentorships program provides an avenue for women to connect and learn from each other.
It partners members of our community to help them navigate computer science at Harvard and beyond.

The WiCS Mentorships Program offers mentorships between Harvard undergraduates.  This newly revamped program pairs mentors and mentees and offers mentorships-exclusive events in addition to more well-funded outings.



Sign up to be a Mentor!  Mentors may be paired with 1 or more mentees according to preference and program registration. Mentors will be expected to arrange mentorship outings (typically meals) with their mentees and impart their CS-related wisdom.



Register for our Mentorships Program!  Mentees will be paired with a mentor in the WiCS community and benefit not only through learning from their assigned mentor, but by interacting with other mentors and mentees involved in the program.


outing reimbursements

File for a Mentorships-related Reimbursement!  WiCS mentorships funds monthly mentorship outings, starting at $10 per person per outing and increasing with each consecutive outing. Mentors must share their outing experiences and file for reimbursements.

Please contact Rachel Kang at if you have any questions or concerns.