• Career: We run a series of workshops on career development for WiCS members. Past workshop topics have included technical interviewing, writing a resume, and working as a product manager. Contact Priyanka Thapa, priyanka_thapa@college.harvard.edu, for more information or to get involved.

  • Sponsorships: In conjunction with our career events, we partner with companies interested in supporting our mission. Many of these companies then run educational or networking events on campus or at WECode. These events range from small dinners to large tech talks. Many emphasize the experience of women working in industry. Find out more about becoming a sponsor here.

  • Advocacy Council: Our Advocacy Council focuses on understanding the gender gap in tech, and proposing interventions to tackle it. Read our mission. Past interventions have included developing an online forum for undergraduates to anonymously seek advice from peers and professors and developing a “Beginner’s Guide” to CS at Harvard. The Council also tracks progress via a yearly environment survey. Find out more here.

  • WiCS Beta: This year, we launched WiCS Beta, which aims to give WiCS members the opportunity to explore new topics of computer science and build on the areas they have learned or are interested in learning. WiCS Beta events have included an “Anti-Social” where members could work on projects and eat pastries together, and a discussion around Cryptography research. Contact Emily Dich, ydich@college.harvard.edu, and Catherine Kerner, cmkerner@college.harvard.edu, for more information and to get involved.

  • Outreach: Outreach in WiCS serves to provide opportunities for WiCS members to explore ways to impact Harvard's campus and the Cambridge / Boston area using computer science skills. Past and current activities include hosting an Education Innovation night in collaboration with Harvard's Graduate School of Education and finding ways to encourage CS outreach within Harvard's Phillips Brooks House Association. Contact Jessica Edwards, jedwards@college.harvard.edu, for
    more information and to get involved

What We Do

  • Mentorship: Organize mentorship pairings between upper and Underclassmen. In Fall 2018, we matched more than 60 pairs. We also expanded a program matching Upperclassmen with Alumni mentors. Find more about our mentorship program here.

  • WECode: We plan Women Engineers Code, the largest student run conference focusing on women in computer science, every February. We have over 700 attendees and speakers attend each year, focusing on networking and career development. Learn more here.

  • Community: We run a series of events designed to develop community within CS. These events are both social and advising in nature and have included an end of semester celebration with students and faculty, a weekly Thursday afternoon “Happy Hour” where students gather for food and conversation, a beginning of semester “LiveQ,” where students can get peer advice on class selection, and a “WhyCS” event for students to get advice on declaring a concentration in CS. Contact Emilia Cabrera, cabrera@college.harvard.edu, and Allison Kao, allison_kao@college.harvard.edu to get involved.

    Comp: This is the second year of our comp, a new member program designed to build community and introduce new people into WiCS and the CS community at Harvard more generally. Comp events range from social to career building and have included “Meet the WiCS Board” dinners, an intro to technical recruiting, and social activities including an ice cream social and cupcake decorating. Members of the class of 2021 and below must complete the comp to run for WiCS board and vote in WiCS presidential elections. To find out more, contact Nari Johnson, njohnson@college.harvard.edu, and Angela Deng, angeladeng@college.harvard.edu.

  • Girls Who Code: We run a Girls Who Code program for middle and high schoolers. See here for more information.